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Wire forming machine can't stop the confidential work how to solve?

by:Ragos     2021-04-09
Wire metal sheet forming machine is to be able to realize high automation equipment of wire forming, but how many there will be some equipment in the process of long-term use of exception, some users after completion of the production and processing, wire forming machine appear can't stop the machine, the wire forming machine can't stop confidential how to solve? Wire forming machine, if after the production and processing, unable to stop the continued operation, appear this kind of circumstance is mainly weak current equipment ( Electrostatic) Still form a loop, which can lead to continue to operate equipment, produce the phenomenon analysis fault are available from the following four factors: 1, between the host and automatic wire feeding frame, and steel wire connection, to find the edge of the steel wire can be disconnected; 2, the ground moisture can also lead to form loop wire forming machine, appear this kind of circumstance must use insulating material feeding frame with ground isolation; 3, wire forming machine wire rack is filled with 24 v relay is out of order, this time can be used to send wire in the same frame relay switching one can judge fault; 4 motherboard, wire forming machine controller is broken, this kind of situation will need to put the motherboard external connection disconnected directly, if or not to stop, that is to judge the motherboard is broken, need to contact the manufacturer for repair. Above is the wire metal sheet forming machine can't stop the machine fault factors, you just need to undergo screening and take corresponding measures to solve, if meets the difficult fault should contact the manufacturer to provide assistance. Dongguan CNC as domestic professional line molding equipment manufacturers, in addition to providing customers with more high quality wire metal sheet forming machine, will provide customers with perfect after-sales service!
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