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When the punch mould clamping must pay strict attention to matters

by:Ragos     2021-05-08
Open press brake machine mould clamping should stop when the flywheel when stop, or manual check one or two times when the mould stamping stroke, right rear to boot. Items have necessary to strictly in accordance with the requirements put, not random. While going off work, such as upper and lower mold with a clamping or not completed homework should hang banned use of them. Always power closed from work, close the power supply box. Steel open punch homework before hand carry flywheel for transfer or button on or off, shall not be suddenly start, and look at the following conditions. It is necessary to check the machine tool lubrication system, the mechanical system is normal. Bringing petrol pump for filling a lubricating oil, to avoid dry grinding crankshaft copper set and set rail strain. Whether it is necessary to check the clutch and brake sensitive to use the pedals, tie rod, mold plate, screw, and the transfer device for loose phenomenon. Open punch necessary to see if cover, die and clamp device is firm, punch have repeated combo. It is necessary to check whether the operation of ejectors precisely, whether the embryo is suitable for stamping. Whether it is necessary to check the electrical grounding line shape, reliable. Upper and lower die contact point it is necessary to scrub clean, die guide bushing, banning show guide shaft rod, should be together, it is necessary to play the bar installed. Parallel to the press brake machine and die, it is necessary, under the upper punch and the die surface vertical, it is necessary to die holder should level off, linking piece screws to tighten in symmetrical direction. Momentum center necessary and punching pressure center for stamping dies, the biggest impact beyond the native shall be extra pressure. Banning under punching die, the plate with the hand take take screws and other objects, in case of crushed hand.
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