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When the marketization of domestic high-end machine tool can be realized

by:Ragos     2021-06-09
Because & other; The mother of industrial & throughout; — — Nc machine tool does not dispute, makes our country in many high-end products do not fully independent. Highly efficient car engines, aircraft engine vortex, the aircraft fuselage, plant components, such as high-speed train first-class, dependent on foreign to varying degrees of machine tools. Electronic industry needs the high precision of lens, and missile seeker processing, also need of five-axis linkage of ultra-precision machine tool; The web and wings need to ultra high speed machine tools; Large aircraft and nuclear power plant component needs large press; Composite materials for aerospace manufacturing need silk machine & hellip; … All relatively weak field of Chinese manufacturing industry, machine tool processing capacity is the key obstacle. Processing engine blades, for example, must be very precise to make sure it work normally under high temperature and high pressure, blade and rendering of complex curved surface, must be high speed, super precision and strong power of five-axis linkage machine tool for processing. Nuclear power, gas turbine blades and so on. And in the face of these, and has obvious domestic high-end CNC machine tools and other Insufficient gas & throughout; 。 Known in the machine tool industry, the significance of auto market to metal cutting machine tool. According to historical experience for many years, domestic supply of metal cutting machine tool is nearly half of auto industry. But sadly, rarely domestic machine tool industry into the engine key areas such as production line. Oems in China, four process needed to import most of its equipment. “ But even the simplest parts, once used in precision machine tool, must reach a certain degree of precision. Nc machine tools needed for functional parts, such as bearing, oscillating and grating, is difficult to create a first-class level of domestic products. So for these customers often limit brand configuration. ” The machine tool industry in recent years country a lot of encouragement policy, to foster domestic machine tool enterprises in the high-end market. For example, according to & other; High-end CNC press brake machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout; Special planning, by 2020, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing high-grade CNC press brake machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment needed to 80% will be based on domestic. In fact, the machine tool manufacturing industry in China is not a lack of high-end technology, it's not so lack of high-end products today, if you put the imported machine tools are still in the monopoly of the Chinese high-end market due to design capability and technical level, obviously unfair. Compared with the vigorous development, and design of the sharp contrast is China machine tool manufacturing the phenomena of light manufacturing, light process. This in the past for a period of time, the enterprise is difficult to curb the size of the impulse, make the enterprise become very impetuous has a close relationship. “ Actually since last year, the domestic machinery industry demand growth slowdown trend, many touch sensitive machine tool enterprises already felt. ” Along with the transformation and upgrading of the national economy, the demand of early industrialization at the end of explosive growth, the industry will be more and more high to the requirement of equipment level, quality, China's high-end CNC machine tool market will become a mohican. Although the most driven by servo motor as the core, shenzhen merak technology co. , LTD. Supplies wong chi closed-loop control stepping servo motor, Japan mountain club stepper motor has the superior characteristic of instantaneous start and stop rapidly, can be well applied to the numerical control machine tool.
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