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What's the reason why lead to punch the crankshaft bearing heating?

by:Ragos     2021-03-25
or press brake machine manufacturer may encounter in the manipulation of crankshaft bearing heating, so this is what causes lead to, taking source small make up to introduce the cause of the crankshaft bearing heat press and press factory test. To study together. 1, accumulation and dispersion when manipulating device are not set or combination inversion of health with every spring elasticity. Key of the joint venture too close, the exchange springs, crapping key combination of interval; 2, press the crankshaft bearing heating, shaft sleeve scrape owe good, smooth, new research copper tile, check the lubrication condition; Burning 3, guide rail, rail gap is too small, poor lubrication, diplomatic bad, crapping to guide rail, a transfer clearance, pay attention to lubrication. 4, from the inside of the flow of oil in the bearing have copper scrap, shortage of lubricating oil, lubricating oil is not clean, check the lubrication condition, interrupt bearing washing experiment. About the common sense that the press brake machine is introduced to the side, otherwise what do difficulty can offer to you, we will manage for you. Punching small make up to bring us more product knowledge, sincerely we look forward to.
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