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What's the punch the progressive dies for play

by:Ragos     2021-05-17
Have the structure of the die to punch area, but the follow-up mold punch above have what effect? In fact, the follow-up mold punch above also called die, but the follow-up mold used in punch die is made up of two or more stations. When press work, material will follow press trip gradually to the station, and then let the parts gradually formed. Follow-up mold punch above although only a small component, but follow-up mold press brake machine above small component has a big effect.
punch daily maintenance with so many years, such as the new
1, in accordance with the requirements of press brake machine lubrication hole and sliding part of the lubricating oil; 2, strictly abide by the punch of the safety operation requirements; 3, make the device should be idle before 3 min, observe any abnormal phenomenon; 4, when installing a mold, cut off the power; 5, after work should wipe countertops, remove leftover material and sundry, should cut off power supply; 6 and clean work place.
punch three different type can easily form correct slot
real punching groove on the stamping on blade. The punching groove type includes three parts: punch groove type ( Die mold processing or preparation) , chamfering trough type, chip breaker groove type ( Before the blade groove type) 。 Punching blade groove type there are three basic types: the blade, rounded corners and chamfering. Sharp punch cutting edge can supply lower cutting force and reduce the devolop tumor, supply longer tool life, but poor stability. Chamfering slot type is between cutting edge slot type and the transition zone between the chip breaker groove. The supply is Angle of punch chamfering groove lower cutting temperature, less wear, higher cutting speed, smaller maximum pressure area and smaller cutting force. But the cutting edge will accept higher tensile stress concentration, and its blade increased risk. Cutting edge groove type and chamfering slot type joint resolution the life span of the cutting tool. In order to make full use of punch and punch chamfering groove cutting edge groove, feeding needs to be larger than that of the groove. The real press brake machine the resolution by the chip breaker groove chip formation process.
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