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What is the precision of hydraulic press

by:Ragos     2021-05-27
Hydraulic press is a kind of tie-in and continuous precision mould for high speed automatic stamping processing production machinery and equipment, in the process of actual stamping processing production, if only the high precision progressive dies, but not high quality hydraulic press and the high quality stamping processing material, is unable to realize high precision stamping processing production. And high quality hydraulic presses on the external performance is high rigidity and high precision, especially when high precision directly affects the quality and the service life of mould pressing products. As in the general precision of the hydraulic press machine with tens of thousands of times produce mould collapse edge, namely in the hydraulic press ( JIS standard level level precision punch) In more than 1 million times on the collapse edge phenomenon. model that is mainly because more processing requirements of different decision, with common j21-serial open-style, J23 and J21S, for example, j21-serial open-style is open with fixed bed, namely punching machines base and body are one and the workbench is parallel, cannot move; J23 is open type tilting type, this and the former on the contrary, the fuselage using bolted in the machine at the base of the fixed arc chute, according to the operation is convenient or not and adjust the body lean forward or backward; J21S is open deep throat, the press brake machine is suitable for the mold area larger stamping products, mainly mold is wide, before and after other press cannot be put in, so that deep throat. From these three punch parameters on the introduction of the look, j21-serial open-style workbench can only is to keep the level, and J23 punch airframe can be tilted, J21S punch is can use some special mold. What is the precision of hydraulic press, it is the actual embodiment of what? The precision of the hydraulic press refers to the hydraulic punch and die is tie-in, the process of the relationship between the motion precision hydraulic press brake machine actually embodied in three aspects: one is to press the parallelism, 2 it is to press the verticality, three is the total clearance of punching machine, if punching accuracy can not meet the standard, not only can reduce the precision of the stamping products, shorten the service life of progressive dies, also will lead to continuous mould installation difficulties, cannot use the comparison precision mould, and in the actual stamping production generates a lot of noise. CNC hydraulic punching accuracy standard to judge: hydraulic punching machine needs a series of test to measure the actual precision meets the requirements, the main test items include five categories: hydraulic press work surface under the slider and the surface on the surface of the true value. Sliding block surface and the surface of the table under the parallelism between the punch slides up and down reciprocating motion and the mesa verticality. On the surface of the punch die hole and handle the slider under the straight Angle. links of the total clearance between the up and down. Therefore press brake machine production planning on the fixed model to differentiate between the different functions of punch press, now has become a common punch punch press type standard price factory.
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