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What is the general press mold production process

by:Ragos     2021-01-12
The using life of ordinary punch die in addition to depends on the reasonable structure of the die making outstanding heat treatment and precision correctly choose elements such as press brake machine, press brake machine mould device of precision mold correct use, maintenance and protection is an important link which should be pay attention to the following: 1) Mould device using the former should be strict inspection to remove dirt check mold guide sleeve and mold smooth and fine. 2) Timing wheel of press brake machine and die set the base for inspection to ensure coaxial precision of the wheel up and down. 3) According to the process of the mould device will be intensive in rotary device good guarantee convex concave mold together especially with the direction in the direction of the mold is more attention to prevent wrong, installed backwards. 为深喉冲压模具的使用寿命不仅取决于优秀的热处理,模具结构合理,而且正确使用穿孔和精密冲压模具设备的机器。 1) 在使用模具之前,我们应该严格检查污垢和检查导套和模具是否光滑,突出。 2) 定期检查转盘的冲头和模具的基础设备,确保上下转盘的同轴精度。 3) 按照模具设备项目,凸、凹模安装在转盘上,以确保凹和凹模的方向,特别是模具的方向要求。
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