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What factors influence in modern stamping punch precision

by:Ragos     2021-01-25
In the modern punching, assuming that only the high precision, taking long mold, without high precision stamping press brake machine and excellent information distribution, is able to suppress finish high precision punching process. High speed precision punching machine precision and rigidity has much effect on the mould life, a pair of same mold in different precision press brake machine shows the different function and use of stature. Such as in the general precision punch on tens of thousands of times the collapse edge, while on the super precision high-speed punch edge phenomenon in more than 1 million times have a crack. Dynamic accuracy directly related with the press brake machine parts of rigid, rigid good single-column hydraulic press dynamic accuracy is relatively high. such as load, structure and other compression deformation structure of government departments. So the static accuracy will deteriorate, the precision of dynamic accuracy just can say is true. Customers choose hydraulic press brake machine commonly, it is have a pleading on machining accuracy, generally about processing pleaded with not much entreaty, can choose ordinary mechanical press. The hydraulic press can be combined with the feature of press brake machine press and hydraulic press, can ensure the machining accuracy and processing speed, is the shandong power heavy industry to develop new product. When many customers buy single-column hydraulic press, will pay attention to the accuracy standard of punching machine. As hydraulic punching machine production factory, for the general customers to make a reply here, and let's pay attention to the same, single column hydraulic press in stamping production precision is very important, can directly affect the quality of the stamping products.
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