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What factors can affect the ordinary punch processing precision

by:Ragos     2021-04-16
Small punch design principle and ordinary punch is the same. Mainly is to convert circular motion to linear motion, the output by the main motor, drive the flywheel, clutch driven gear, crankshaft, connecting rod, such as operation, to achieve the linear motion of the slider, from the main motor to the connecting rod movement in circular motion. Linkage between slide block and needs to have a circular motion and linear motion in terms of its design on roughly two kinds of institutions, a ball, a cylindrical, through this agency will circular motion is transformed into the linear motion of the slider. Small punch on the material pressure, make its plastic deformation, and get the required shape and precision, so you must cooperate with a set of mould, the material placed in the meantime, by the pressure on the machine, make its deformation, when processing applied to materials caused by the force of reaction, by small punch absorbed by the body. Inertia force in order to achieve a better balance and improve the rigidity and precision of the high speed punch movement, dongguan on million balance device of small punch made a structural improvements in four areas: 1, not directly connected to the crank large-scale stamping piece, but the quality level and connected to the sliding movement of relatively small inertia force caused by internal force is not so small, deputy director of the rotating friction, friction heat is small, which can improve the precision of the high speed press brake machine. 2, connect body press brake machine slider ( In addition to guide) Is accomplished by the connecting rod and slider, kinematic chain short, tilting punch and movement is connected to the two deputy vice deputy, rotate and move other high-speed punch press are usually performed at least through three rotation, in contrary to the invention of spin move to vice substitution better rigidity. 3, stamping rather than rotating vice use mobile described by sliding and subject to the lever to the level of the slider load, has better rigidity. By 4, the design of mechanism can make the crankshaft for a week, twice to the position of a stamping die slide block, to achieve double trip, this time the speed of slider-crank mechanism was reduced to half of the original part, by reducing the speed significantly reduce movement of punch factory is a part of the inertia force, thus easier to achieve balance. Small press brake machine press is a kind of ordinary punch, main is to a series of stamping parts and plate blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, fine blanking, riveting stamping activities such as plastic, are widely used in electronics, communication, computer, household appliances, vehicles, stamping forming of metal parts, etc.
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