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What are the main performance characteristics of hydraulic CNC bending machine?

by:Ragos     2021-08-26
Wuxi Sunerchi CNC bending machine operation specification is very necessary and reasonable for those who have just used it to study and read. Standardized operation of hydraulic press brakes can greatly extend the life of the machine and at the same time ensure the safety of operators.   1. The operator must read the manual of the machine in detail before using the bending machine, and be familiar with and master the structure, performance and adjustment methods of the bending machine.  2. In multi-person operation, you must confirm that there are no unsafe factors before you can step on the foot switch.  3. The gap between the upper and lower molds must be adjusted evenly. When working, no tools are allowed to be placed on the lower mold and the worktable, and the surface of the workpiece must not have defects such as welding scars.  4. Always keep the press brake clean. During use, you should always pay attention to the condition of each part of the press brake. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine for inspection immediately.  5. Generally, the die opening V is selected to be 8 times the plate thickness, that is, Vu003d8S is appropriate.  6. u200bu200bAdjust the pressure strictly in accordance with the sheet metal bending pressure gauge. The main performance characteristics of the hydraulic bending machine CNC bending machine:    1. The hydraulic bending machine is welded by steel plates, and the welded parts are stressed by vibration. The machine has high strength and good rigidity. The frame can be stable and not deformed for a long time. 2. The piston of the main cylinder of the hydraulic bending machine adopts aerospace technology-surface nickel-phosphorus treatment, and its hardness can reach above HRC60. The guide sleeve that moves relative to the piston adopts a zinc-based wear-resistant alloy with its own lubricity, which can make the cylinder In good working condition for a long time.  3. It adopts torsion axis synchronization and mechanical stop, which is reliable, economical and high precision.  4. The distance of the back gauge and the stroke of the upper slide are electrically adjusted, manual fine-tuning, digital display.   5. The upper die is equipped with a winding compensation mechanism.
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