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WangNian required knowledge of punch machine maintenance

by:Ragos     2021-02-08
Set off firecrackers during the Spring Festival is coming, all things run away. Family reunion eat dumpling, unlimited tianlun smile with joy. Steed galloping enthusiasm is high, the spring breeze agitate more wonderful. All good to report, and is willing to friends of the Spring Festival le tao tao. CNC punch press active feeder machine repair job content has included: daily protection, repair and cleaning. Then servo nc feeder factory small make up today to us about CNC press brake machine press feeder machine actively repair work have what parts: a, fault judging: the trouble do abundant field research, understand the problem, homework and buffer registers in the related content, understand the content and the confirmed alarm is to perform the procedures section. Technical archives to feeder is used in machine tools and various materials, find out the formation with a variety of reasons. With cleaning: on the basis of fault reason, choose corresponding repairing methods. Three, daily protection: 1, daily check content: such as guide smooth appearance, fuel tank, air pressure, hydraulic pressure system, CNC, the I/O units, all kinds of fence and cleaning all kinds of filters, etc. ; 2, irregular operation of protection: such as guide rail fillet view and compaction or relax, cooling water tank liquid level height and filter cleaning, chip removal device is unblocked, spindle belt elastic adjustment, etc. ; 3, every six months or a year to see and protection work, such as ball screw grease to replace coating, replace the spindle oil tank, feeder of the servo motor carbon brush clean, smooth replace oil and clean the hydraulic pump.
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