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Use wire bending machine which checks debug?

by:Ragos     2021-05-22
Wire bending machine is of high precision wire processing automation equipment, in order to ensure that the use of the equipment safety and wire processing precision, before using for the corresponding inspection equipment debugging, the use of wire bending machine which checks debug? Wire bending machine before use check debugging: equipment cutting tool inspection: in order to ensure the accuracy of wire processing, the first thing to check tool specifications whether accord with standard of wire diameter, then check if tool burr cleaning, chamfering whether or burrs grinding, but also to determine whether the tool installed in place, conductor plate installation can not highlight the part of the blade and to make use of the safety wire bending machine. Install wire: check the specifications of the wire, in order to ensure the accuracy of the wire, to the diameter of points some measurement, then check that the material of the positive and negative direction, the threading process should pay attention to wire to smoothly through into the line, Wire feeding frame, three wire wheel, turning device, straightening, conduit, wire plate, cutter) , and pay attention to send wire rack can not have any sundry. Debug wire: before processing wire for wire bending machine debugging, after the wire straightening, see if there are any more damage, surface circling any outlet not a phenomenon that surface without scars. Bending commissioning test: bending of wire bending machine debugging, folding a 90 degree turn, 50 mm in length, Angle Angle measurement are consistent and in the tolerance range ( ± 0. 2 c) 。 Lift and cut off the check: inspection on wire bending machine lift, confirm that four 90 - degree detection work, zero is normal, and then return to zero after the cutter with whether the wire plate. Above is the wire bending machine before use to check debugging, confirmation of the reentry after normal use can be used to ensure the equipment running stability and security, also can ensure the machining accuracy of the equipment. Nc as large domestic wire forming equipment manufacturer, can provide more high quality of 2 d / 3 d wire metal sheet forming machine, welcome the demand of customers contact us.
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