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Use wire bending confidential notice what item?

by:Ragos     2021-05-22
Wire bending machine is a automatic wire processing equipment, it can achieve high precision wire processing, for wire processing quality and the use of safe, equipment process, must pay attention to the correct operation, the use of wire bending confidential notice what item? Wire bending machine to use a standard operation procedure, use process should pay attention to the following: 1, wire bending machine boot to use steps, in accordance with the production must be checked before the machine to mobilize all the fasteners, lest in production become loose, fall off, shift, collision phenomenon, cause machine damage. 2, wire bending machine run, no contact with hands CNC wire bending machine panel. Wire forming products are strange, for security reasons, adjustments must stop the equipment running after modification. 3 drops, wire forming products must control the direction, in order to avoid stuck the knife block, collision occur. 4, wire bending machine damage, to be inspected by experienced personnel, fixed. Repair service, should by the related professional personnel for repair, is strictly prohibited without the unauthorized repair professional and technical personnel, lest produce secondary damage. Above is need to be aware of when using wire bending machine, the wire bending machine can achieve various shapes of wire products processing, intelligent computer configuration, simple and convenient operation, easy to understand, now can provide more high quality of 2 d / 3 d wire metal sheet forming machine, welcome the demand of customers contact us.
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