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Understand the punch press zero cell phone on campus when purchasing more target-oriented

by:Ragos     2021-05-29
A school of jiangxi province implemented & other; Zero cell phone throughout the campus &; Action and use metal detectors to check the students' school bags and desks and great results, in 3 months were confiscated 67 mobile phones. on the material pressure, make its plastic deformation, and get the requested shape and precision, so it is necessary to work a set of mould ( Upper die and lower die) , the material placed in the meantime, by the pressure on the machine, make its deformation, when processing applied to materials formed by the force of reaction, by the punch machine absorbed by the body. as mechanical major, because of the different types, different function difference between, understand the product type to purchase punch more target-oriented. 一个。 According to the slider driving force can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic type two kinds, so the press according to its use is not the same as the driving force of the divided into: ( 1) Mechanical press ( 2) Hydraulic press general sheet metal stamping processing, most of the use of mechanical press. Hydraulic press, according to its using liquid type press oil pressure and hydraulic pressure type punch, now use hydraulic punch in the majority, while more of the hydraulic pressure type punch for giant machinery or special machinery. I think no matter what is the purpose of the school and purpose, and are not based in violation of the law. If the cut open, so if we can use & other; In order to & hellip; … Good & throughout; And aboveboard to violate the law, in the name of the normal legal rights and interests of the weak. I believe there is not what we want to see results.
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