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Summarize how CNC turret punch press maintenance tips

by:Ragos     2021-03-13
Due to the CNC turret press brake machine press working environment and people's operation method and working strength etc. , these will cause a problem of the CNC turret press brake machine press, which requires people to the correct use and timely maintenance of CNC turret punch press. So how to carry on the maintenance of CNC turret punch press? Company under the punch design and technical personnel for your equipment maintenance tips are summarized. 1, in our use of CNC turret punch press, as far as possible at the scene of the CNC turret punch press processing to lower the number of open the electric cabinet, because the process contains a large number of oil mist in the air, dust, and even there may be a metal powder, etc. , when the metal powder scattered in our CNC turret punch press control part of the circuit board or electronic components, components are very easy to cause the insulation resistance decreased, and also may lead to CNC turret punch press damage the components and circuit board, so about customers bought our CNC turret punch press, should inform you in the workshop has a strict rules, unless to make necessary adjustment and repair, otherwise not allowed to open the electrical cabinet of cupboard door, is not allowed to open cupboard door when applying equipment. 2, in our use of CNC turret punch press, found some has been affected by dust, oil mist pollution of circuit boards and connectors, we can adopt special CNC turret punch press electronics cleaning spray processing, through a period of time, as the cleaner natural drying, will be in the contact form an insulating layer, makes the place where we spray insulation, outstanding in CNC turret punch press contaminated cleaning circuit board, can use cleaner to spray cleaning operation of circuit, after spray put, the circuit board made similar dustiness liquid flow together with the remnants of the cleaner, wait until he can continue to use after natural drying.
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