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Small punch maintenance is quite important

by:Ragos     2021-05-31
repair maintenance department through the accumulation of a lot of experience, we have a useful set of procedures in terms of equipment and protection and means. To see a doctor not disease prevention first, fire fire first, than to punch equipment on time useful professional protection, can make your punch & other; Don't sick & throughout; 、“ Less illness & throughout; , as much as possible in order to create value for you. One, the role of the protection and maintenance of 1, extend the service life of the use of the press, reduce unnecessary wear and tear and trouble. 2, make press brake machine better running state, improve the production efficiency. Requirements: 1, the lubrication system for the first time use after two months, to clean oil tank, piping, filter, and in a oil, can be cleaned once every six months later, and according to the actual situation of oil change regularly, cleaning. 2, electrical system: screw terminals, button switch, micro switch, ac contactor, frequency converter, etc to see once a month. 3, precision view: A, precision check for check once A year, please according to the product the factory when you check the attached the precision of the view form comparison view. B, if the slip surface wear, should repair or replace the guide pin, copper set again after checking the accuracy, check the accuracy, to ensure the flatness of desk tray. 4, when the daily work, the operator to the use of high speed punching parts situation view, and carefully fill in the punch against maintenance CARDS, timing to see when the punch timing test table should be filled in. Note: punch protection, maintenance of electrical system, precision check should be carried out by the professional skills, such as no professional skills, please contact to buy manufacturer. Iv. Conclusion: press brake machine repair maintenance department depend on strong team of technicians and skills of all kinds of brand punch function understanding, for the overwhelming majority of customers with the perfect punching machine repair, press brake machine maintenance services. repair and maintenance technicians not only has a profound knowledge of punching machine repair professional skills, and are very familiar with the working principle of punching machine. With repair and maintenance of the comprehensive nature, they are fast and efficient, problem for machine fault discrimination and analysis is also quite fast in place.
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