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Shearing machine safety considerations

by:Ragos     2021-06-07
is one of the more widely used in industrial production of shearing equipment, it can cut all kinds of thickness of the steel plate materials. is divided into common flat cutting, slitting and vibration cutting three types. The shear is the most used. Less than 10 mm thickness shear shearing machine for mechanical transmission, more than 10 mm for hydraulic transmission. Pedal or button control is commonly used in single or continuous cutting metal. Therefore, shearing machine safety operation should be paid attention to: 1. Should be inspected carefully before they are work in various parts of the shearing machine is normal, electrical equipment are in good condition, the lubrication system was clear, mesa and whether placed around and debris and marginal waste, such as tools, measuring tool, if any should keep clear of in time. Treat all check finished, after confirmation can work, start lubrication, commissioning, and formal use of shearing machine. 2. operation when, had better not alone one person operation, should be coordinated by 2 ~ 3 person for material, dimension precision control and take the material, etc. , and determine one unified command, avoid confusion caused by the accident. To send the specialist is responsible for the control switch, the other staff may not arbitrarily to touch the switch. After startup shall not be arbitrarily refueling or adjust the machine. 3. All kinds of cutting machine according to the provisions of the cutting plate thickness, appropriate adjustments scissors gap, use should be distinguished. No shear at the same time two kinds of different specifications, different materials of sheet metal, also may not fold material shear. By shear sheet metal should not be more than the machine's ability, and should not be cutting hardened steel, otherwise it will cause equipment damage and personal injury accidents. Shear sheet for surface smooth, no shear unable to compress a narrow sheet. 4. tape, flywheel, gear and shaft parts must be installed protective cover, no shield, operators shall have the right to refuse to operate. For the original installation has a protective cover but has been damaged, should be used after repair. 5. operators work should focus on, feed fingers may not be near the scissors mouth too, should keep a distance of at least 200 mm, and must also leave the clamping device. In order to prevent feed finger was the scissors to cut, the safest way is to put in front of the scissors fixed or adjustable barrier, which can guarantee the operator's hand can not enter the danger zone. It is worth noting that the settlement of protective fence can't make people eyes can't see the cutting parts. Must also is put forward by the shearing machine due to shear method is different, can produce a considerable amount of waste, the waste, angular, operator in slightly do not pay attention to when you pick up the material will be stabbed, cut, so it must pay attention to. In addition, prevent the cut down of steel parts, work, under the shears are forbidden to pick up.
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