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Shearing machine how much higher product quality of interior space

by:Ragos     2021-04-19
【 CNC bending machine 】 Shearing machine product quality rise in interior space how big blade shears: cutting cost-effective, a. Deformation deformation is small, but the shear force is big, big energy consumption. The mechanical structure of more. The shearing machine blade between the up and down or so two parallel surface, common in rolling mills are hot cutting blooming billet and slab; According to the cutting form and can be divided into cut and incised. The oblique edge shearing machine, plate shears the up and down or so two blades into a multi-angle, 2. In general on the blade is skewed, the slope Angle in general is 1 & deg; ~6 ° 。 Inclined plate shears blade shear force is smaller than flat blade shears, so the motor rated power, as well as the entire device containing greatly reduce, actually the application domain is more, shearing machine factory manufacturing this kind of shearing machine. Multi-function shearing machine, sheet metal bending shear machine: namely can complete the task on the same machine equipment cutting two processing technology combined punching and shearing and bending machine, can complete the task sheet cutting. But also for cutting profiles, use the following material process special plate shears: mutual application in combination with other machinery and equipment, unique main use plate kaiping line cutting machine to complete the task: to plank open-book leveling online. Mutual coordination production lines for faster cutting standard and design scheme of high speed shearing machine, plate online by hydraulic high speed shearing machine, pneumatic guillotine shears sheet online is matched; Pedal shearing machine is made by cast iron, using pedal, by connecting rod and spring, work, bag filter, quite smoothly. The machine in general applications in hardware, electrical appliances, precision filter, color tile and thin plate cutting material. Suitable for sheet metal cold, cold cut. It is composed of head, head, left and right panels and left, right way and the foot part, by a lever spring, foot pedals. Before application, bag filter, to keep the machine balance, often filling, keep oil cup have oil, so that lubrication, work with light.
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