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Shearing machine facilities have more stagnation of narrow space

by:Ragos     2021-06-06
in shear elastic deformation stage refers to the dynamic shear blade and bar after contact, bar deformation under the action of force, this stage of the deformation of elastic deformation, at this point, a force haven't reached the material yield limit. 的弹性变形阶段剪切机是指杆的变形力的作用下在切削刃之间的联系和酒吧。 这个阶段的变形是弹性变形。 在这一点上,弯曲力没有达到材料的弯曲极限。 When people moving blade cutting materials, plastic deformation and bending moment caused by the material tensile very admirable instability cracking occurs, constitute the cracking surface of instability. As people else power of discretion of property, press brake machine equipment with more narrow block space, market demand has always been rich, good business blueprint. Hydraulic shearing machine technology of convenient block greatly enhance the automation product in the use of the relevant business, just our plate shears equipment industry automation using overall level is not high, but neither shearing machine manufacturer is still the guillotine shears depositors are gradually familiar to the guillotine shears the disadvantage of location. By shearing machine induction, using radial clamping plate cut completely, the clamping force, under the action of bending and become warped scene lose must clean up, make the material shear zone is the state of compression garment, restricting shear zone especially edge material of plastic deformation, reduce the fillet area and instability of cracking of the emerging, popularize cross section quality. Constitute the cracks when the upper and lower blade after collection, bar craze. Dynamic shear blade in place of stop down, form a compressive stress increases sharply, the waters of materials along the stop position of shear blade deformation, lattice major sliding, crack ends. Shear plate movement of material of shear blade down when bending, static shear blade materials become warped up. 当裂缝形成的上、下切削刃收集、材料裂缝和结合。 继续向下移动剪切边缘和停止,形成压应力急剧增加。 材料的变形在这个海域的方向剪切边缘停止深化,明显晶格幻灯片,裂缝的目的。 切板时,材料在尖端弯曲向下移动,和材料静态切削刃向上扭曲。
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