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On a press enterprises listed on the start of the first immigrants

by:Ragos     2021-01-10
Hubei KuangTong electronics co. , LTD. In the national stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises ( I. e. , the new three board) Bell, listed on the end, as the first listed in the immigration for the three gorges reservoir area in hubei enterprises. It is reported that the company's predecessor is zigui county state-owned small machinery factory, from a line of the three gorges reservoir water level with the county in 1995 moved to zigui economic development zone, 1997, in the LED category, from a press brake machine, a dozen people beginning to start. Over the years, the company in terms of new skills, new techniques, new materials to make different, the development of 7 invention patents, 15 practical new patents, more than 1900 sets of world advanced packaging equipment become a national company of new and high skill. Today, the company can produce to produce more than 160 standard into the LED device, 5 billion capacity planning, among the top, with annual output of 2 billion pieces of the new patch LED production line. Bag yesterday for three years, the company the total sales revenue 8. 900 million yuan, the profit of 1. 3. 6 billion yuan, tax 0. 7. 2 billion yuan, the total compensation 1. 1. 6 billion yuan. KuangTong in recent years, the company active shift production process, to & other; Zero emissions & throughout; Close to success with the cyanide electroplating skills improve, year cost of cyanide by once fell to now four tons 50 tons. The company also successfully LED stent from & other; Throughout all & silver plated; Instead & other; Throughout part & silver plated; , make the plating process costs fell by more than 67%, save 50 tons of silver in 12 years, the value of 200 million yuan. The company director, said the & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Period, the company plans to complete the sales income is 5 billion yuan, profit tax of 600 million yuan of above, the staff more than 5000 people, may direct the sprint of small and medium-sized plate motherboard market, build zigui hundred light electricity industry base.
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