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Measures to prevent punch injury accident

by:Ragos     2021-01-11
At present, many enterprises in the use of press brake machine processing production, still continue to use simple method of manual work, and play the hand directly take part in the mold cavity, and a lot of press equipment of manufacturing tasks are burdened with a variety of products. In this case, if press equipment and die without safety protection devices, and is easy to hand injury accidents. So, in the press brake machine production, strengthen the safety protection, increase the degree of mechanization, is an important way to prevent accidents. operation of a wide range of safety technical measures, which include improving press brake machine operation mode, reform the mould structure, to realize the automatic machinery. Adopted complex mode, continuous mode, multi-station die can reduce working procedure, simplify the process, simplify the operation, to reduce the risk of the operator. Use hand to hand security tools can be used with security tools to prevent due to the mold design is not reasonable and equipment fault caused by the accident. Common security tools include: elastic clamp, pliers, magnetic chuck, tweezers, wrench, hook, etc. To the mold to take protective measures to the mold to take protective measures include setting around the mold protection plate ( Hood) And to improve the mold structure. Such as the narrow mold dangerous area, expand security space; Setting mechanical discharging device, in does not affect the die strength and product quality under the premise of the original manual feed 'process of mould is improved, in order to improve safety. Equipped with safety protection device on the stamping equipment and die set with safety protection device or use the labor intensity is small, convenient and flexible hand tools, also is the current condition stamping operation safety and effective measures. If use hand tools, mould shield, machinery in and out of the device, double push button switch, pull, push and dial hand device, photoelectric automatic protection device, etc. Stamping equipment protection device form is more, according to the structure is divided into mechanical, push button, photoelectric, induction, etc. Mechanical protection device has simple structure, easy fabrication, but to interfere with homework is larger, the operating workers don't like to use, less application. Photoelectric switch and photoelectric device is composed of a mechanical device, a blend of, when the operator's hand into the mold area, light beam is blocked, send electrical signals, so as to achieve the slider stop action, not the purpose of the downside, ensure the safety of the operator. Photoelectric protection device has infrared photoelectric protection device and two kinds of incandescent photoelectric protection device. Due to the photoelectric protection device easy to use, basic no interference on homework, so it has a wide application. Contact protection device contact lever the sensing element is used to control the slider movement, there are often open and often closed two kinds. This kind of protection device has simple structure, low production cost, convenient operation, workers can series several sets of equipment when used at the same time. It is suitable for the press with friction clutch and the modified rigid clutch screw press. Realize mechanization, automatic stamping operation mechanization and automation, is the basic way to guarantee workers' personal safety and equipment safety. Only the fully automated production of stamping material, the material is the best technical measures to realize safety production. Practice has proved that using composite modulus, multi-station progressive dies instead of single process risk mode, or in the mold set up mechanical front-rear institutions, realize mechanization and automation is able to improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, convenient operation, safety assurance purposes.
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