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Manufacturing out of focus is to support the private economy

by:Ragos     2021-06-22
The third quarter of 2012, China's GDP rose 7. 4%, the 14 quarters since the second quarter of 2009 the lowest economic growth data. Into the fourth quarter, as the CPI fell, a number of economic data has also been gradually warming. Although the economy bottoming signs, but considering the effect of macro-control policies, the accumulation of medium and long and micro level, the economy can achieve & other; Steady growth & throughout; And & other A soft landing & throughout; , can still depends on manufacturing out of the crisis. Although HSBC PMI bounced in October, but has 12 consecutive months in from below the line, its 47 in August. 6 of the final value is low at 41 months, new export orders, low employment index innovation, business inventories climbed to 2004 in April with the record high since the PMI data. In addition, China's industrial growth and fixed asset investment growth continued to lower than market expectations, and fixed asset investment growth has been at historic lows. Have to admit that we are facing an unprecedented crisis. One for three reasons: first, rapidly rising labor costs, corporate tax burden is too high, the financing difficult factors such as manufacturing industry in trouble; Second, China's resources and environment bottleneck tightening, international commodity prices, the appreciation of the renminbi also had an impact on the development of manufacturing industry; Finally, entrepreneurship and innovation spirit is not strong, the real economy capital erosion. China's manufacturing sector and the private economy has very close relationship, many manufacturing is part of a private economic problems. Medium and small and micro enterprises as the main body of private economy, mostly for secundiparity enterprises, they are the stand or fall of management state and directly influences the whole manufacturing industry. At present, the development of private economy faces unprecedented predicament. Although manufacturing crisis in iron and steel, shipbuilding, photovoltaic industry, engineering machinery and other high-end behave obviously, but the fear is that the problems faced by small and medium-sized private enterprises in recent years did not improve. The national private enterprise production, the production increase, some export-oriented enterprises represent the layoffs, wave. This phenomenon is also conductive to large and medium-sized enterprises. At present, the development of private economy, the need to do a good job of the following several aspects: first, to reduce private enterprises ( Especially the small micro enterprise) The burden of taxes and fees. Need to be related to corporation tax items, tax rates and the detailed rules for the implementation to make adjustments as soon as possible. For example, can be appropriately raise the cognizance of small micro enterprise scope; For administrative charges involving small micro enterprises entry, you can cancel or half charge; Raise a percentage of depreciation rate, to reduce the tax base, and to consider in terms of turnover tax modest reduction; Type of start-up corporation tax, give its long incubation periods, etc. Second, improve the corporation financing environment, solve & other; Can't, can't afford to use & throughout; The dilemma. Bank loans mainly investing in large and medium-sized enterprises in our country, the private sector accounted for only 20% of small businesses. In addition, private enterprises in basic cannot enjoy the benchmark interest rate loans, to pay more floating interest, this will increase the corporation's financing costs. Third, encourage private investment to monopoly field. To create a fair market environment for private enterprises, encourage private capital to sole proprietorship, equity participation, holding, franchising and other ways, to participate in the construction of infrastructure and public services.
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