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Main measures to prevent the occurrence of stamping punch injury of the three

by:Ragos     2021-04-05
1, improve technology, mould and operation method, homework outside persons involved fingerprint, for instance use stamping manipulator operation can avoid these problems. About mass production operations, the stamping manipulator stamping can not only ensure the safety of the operators, and greatly progress produces power, this is the development direction of stamping skills. Small batch, many kinds of stamping production, automation, the current difficult to complete proper approach is to choose safe, less labor intensity, easy to use, make the operation more safety. 2, stamping equipment, progress produce safety and reliability. Now, many of the old stamping equipment operation system, electric control system has many unsafe factors, if continue to use corresponding its skill renovation, to ensure the safety and reliability of the stamping equipment. 3, equipment, protective equipment. Because the production of small batch, in neither to complete automation, and can't use safety of stamping stamping job, must equipment safety protective equipment, in order to avoid accidents due to error. 1. 改进过程、模具和操作模式来实现手工操作以外的模具,如冲压机械手的使用可以避免这些问题。 对于大规模生产操作,这些冲压机械手不仅可以保证冲压操作员的安全,而且还极大地提高生产效率。 这是冲压技术的发展方向。 小批量冲压生产和品种目前很难实现自动化。 正确的方式是使用工具的安全,减少劳动强度和容易使用,所以,操作更安全。 2. 冲压设备的转换,提高生产的安全性和可靠性。 目前,许多老冲压设备控制系统和电气控制系统有许多不安全的因素。 如果我们继续使用相应的技术改造,确保冲压设备的安全性和可靠性。 3. 安装保护装置。 因为小产量,安全保护装置必须安装在冲压操作没有实现自动化,可以不使用安全冲压工具,防止操作错误造成的损害。
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