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Machine tool industry is still in the decline stage of the industrial structure appear differentiation

by:Ragos     2021-04-10
Overall, the machine tool industry is still in the decline stage. Operation data show that cutting machine production in April 4. 700000, forming machine to 2. 060000 units, both in cutting machine and forming machine in April appear to fall further, including cutting machine fell in April 15. 89% ( In march for slide 3. 75%) , fell in April 8. 27% ( Rose in March 4. 79%) ; From the sequential data, cutting machine in April fell by 2%, metal sheet forming machine tools fell by 4%; And annulus compared to the above data show that the decline in the operational situation of machine tool industry in China is still at the stage. Machine tool industry structure differentiation. April operation data show that the machine tool industry structure appear differentiation, appear a certain degree to improve nc machine tool products, the main performance for the improvement of the sequential data: running data show that nc forming machine tool production in April 1. 250000, rose by 2. 9%, and the CNC cutting machine production in April to 2. 070000 units, up 9% month-on-month, it shows that the numerical control machine tool products have a certain degree of improving running situation, this is mainly thanks to transform and upgrade manufacturing industry in our country, the factors such as labor costs rise. In the second quarter - maintaining industry Three quarters of bottom of judgment. Machine tool industry belongs to the strong cycle industry, is closely related to the macroeconomic trends, and is highly sensitive to monetary policy and fiscal policy. According to historical experience, machine tool industry lagging adjustment 1 - monetary policy In the second quarter, in 1 quarter of loose monetary policy in our country, the industry in the 2 - our judgement 3 quarter. From the point of current situation, the numerical control machine tool products of some of the bottom of the signal. Recently, our country 'high-end manufacturing five-year development specification' clearly put forward, to high-end equipment manufacturing industry in 2015 sales revenue of about 1 in 2010. Increase 6 trillion yuan to 6 trillion yuan of above, high-end manufacturing development cannot leave the machine tool industry development, especially for the machine tool industry high-end machine tool industry to develop a jolt. Upgrade continuously advancing at the same time, along with our country's manufacturing, and rising labor costs, we believe that the high-end machine tools industry is facing huge development opportunities, suggested that focus on the high-end machine tools is closely related to the individual stocks: shenyang machine tool ( Not rating) , and co ( Overweight) , huazhong nc ( Not rating) And so on.
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