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Is very important for daily maintenance of hot forging press

by:Ragos     2021-03-26
Daily maintenance for press brake machine first divided into three big step, respectively is: before use and maintenance, the maintenance when using, use after maintenance. Then give you detailed introduce press daily maintenance. maintenance: before use to check the oil pool, whether the oil level, oil standard correspondence rules, if not fit should be timely to fill oil; View button, do you have any jam; Check to see if the motor earthing line is loose, fall off or damaged. If there is loose should tighten, drop or damage shall notify maintenance personnel; Check the safety protective equipment is complete and reliable; Check to see if the handle sensitive. Each part of the fastening loose nut. Press used in maintenance: launch a hydraulic pump, check to see if the hydraulic pump function is good, the sealing parts and pipes have blockage and leakage; Check the limit switch function is good, touch pieces positioning is normal; To keep an eye on the parts temperature rise and the sound is normal. after using maintenance: view, clean the activity parts; The manipulation of the handle is set; To view, cleaning, sorting operation and work area. Records. Let's use the press brake machine brings to our daily convenience, also should attach great importance to the daily maintenance of the hot forging press, so as to prolong the life of the use of the press.
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