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Is the price of press brake machine favorable?

                                           The price of Foshan Ragos NC Equipment co.,LTD. is quite competitive compared with other suchlike. It is set considering the material costs, labour costs, machine wearing conditions and other aspects. We have conducted an in-depth investigation of the market demand and supply of the product and calculate the basic cost of manufacturing. There will be some information provided as a reference to the pricing policy and customers can contact us through email or phone.

Dual servo hybrid cnc press brake HM-170-3200 model parameter picture RAGOS

Ragos is a well-known Chinese manufacturer. Our core business includes the design, development, and manufacture of cnc production line. Ragos's V-type CNC router series contains multiple sub-products. Lean production method is adopted to produce Ragos cnc production line to achieve high efficiency, low production cost, and short lead time. The product does not generate toom many noises.  It has good thermal insulation. Its electric components and the housing are all fabricated with high-quality insulation materials which are effective in avoiding inadvertent contact. All parts are finely welded with high quality.

We are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible way using best practice and best available materials in all our activities. Welcome to visit our factory!


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