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Intelligent manufacturing key areas level significantly increased

by:Ragos     2021-06-22
'Made in China 2025' strategy make clear a regulation, & other; By 2020, the intelligent manufacturing key areas level significantly increased, by 2025, key areas for intelligent manufacturing. ” Next, this is our country the enterprise to face the difficult goal, comprehensive examining whether its basic conditions for it have been, and how to take measures to efficiently promote the strong base. It should be said that at present our country most enterprise & other; Throughout China's smart &; Conditions are not solid, the basis of complete, is still significant gap between Chinese and foreign enterprises; Especially the number accounts for 99%, 60% of economic output and 50% of tax sources, small and medium-sized enterprises in our country their problems are highlighted. For example, it has been verified by practice can effectively support the Chinese manufacturing industry by the big teams, and through the Ministry of Science and Technology plan - 863 Computer integrated manufacturing system/advanced manufacturing technology, the ministry of industry and informatization and industrialization fusion, the National Development and Reform Commission, the enterprise information construction two combination of three major strategies to promote our country enterprise current situation still not optimistic. As of February 2015, the national assessment of the amalgamation in more than 30000 enterprises, according to the results of fusion in the initial construction and single application of the two enterprises in the initial stage of proportion is as high as 82%, but with the passage of time and evaluate the increase of the number, the ratio will continue to rise. Again, for example, enterprises lack of core technology, lack of generic technology, research and development innovation ability is not strong; Lack of efficient management, industrial chain collaborative commerce platform and information integration platform is far from fully established, business model and business process nor comprehensive optimization restructuring; Workshop automation level is not high, the country is still more than 600 ten thousand sets of various kinds of ordinary machine tools for product parts processing, key process numerical control rate is only 30%; Workshop production organization and process equipment layout unreasonable, poor logistics, efficiency is not high. Statistics also show that in 2013 China's total imports $231. 3 billion integrated circuit products, imports more than crude oil, become China's first major imports; Domestic industrial robot market sales of 5, 2014. 60000, but the sales volume of 40000 units from overseas suppliers; 1-2014 In September, metal-cutting machine tool production in our country the numerical control rate is only 29. The level of 7%, less than 70% in Germany, Japan. All these data clearly show that the present stage our country electronic components, industrial robots, numerical control machine tools, new sensors, industrial software far cannot satisfy the key intelligent equipment & other; Throughout China's smart &; The development of demand. On May 13, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology minister MiaoWei in & other; Throughout 2015 intelligent manufacturing international conference &; Also made clear that & other; In the aspect of industry development in stages, China's manufacturing industry is still in its & other; 2. 0' And & other 3. 0' Parallel development, must go & other; 2. 0' Make up a missed lesson, & other 3. 0' Popularization, & other 4. 0' Demonstration of the parallel development path. ”
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