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In the hydraulic oil is mixed with excessive moisture consequence

by:Ragos     2021-06-11
In the hydraulic oil mixed with too much water or acid, after long time use, will be related to the process of the corrosion of hydraulic valve parts, make its loss of precision and failure. Directional control valve of the valve core bending deformation will make valve reversing action is difficult to normal. Pressure reducing valve pilot valve wear can make valve work is not random, can't even surge tank. 1, wear hydraulic valve core, valve cover, valve body between the motion pair of mechanical parts, such as when use friction constantly, make parts dimension change shape and surface quality and failure. 2, fatigue under variable load operation for a long time, the hydraulic valve spring will be shortened by fatigue form spring soft, spring length or the entire break; Because of fatigue, the valve core and valve seat also will happen crack, flake or other damage. 3, deformation in the process of the hydraulic valve parts in processing of residual stress and external load in the process of the use of stress exceeds the yield strength of the parts information, parts deformation, cannot finish the normal function failure. The directional control valve spring is too soft or shorter, will affect the normal valve core job position and reset, makes the system can't normal operation. Overflow valve valve core winding deformation or spring, will make the valve core moving insensitive, form the system pressure is not not disorderly. Overflow valve on the main valve or pilot valve spring fatigue or broken will make the system pressure can not meet the requirements. Electromagnetic directional valve core wear or deformation, would make the leakage in the valve and make the efficiency decreases, and dirt or deformation into the gap easily, so that the valve core to produce indignation hope machinery jam phenomenon. Unloading valve valve core winding deformation makes the valve core is slow, make the system from unloading to operating pressure or operating pressure to unloading the transformation of the process is slow. Attention, may also make improper assembly parts deformation occurs, such as: the reversing valve assembly for deformation of body formed by the screw too tight may make the valve core jam. If the valve core and valve hole with the gap is too big, pressure shock will happen. These are likely to make valve failure. One-way throttling ( Control of motor speed) Valve check valve parts wear and tear, untight seal and part of the oil flow will flow through the one-way valve, impact speed agility. The overflow valve guide cone valve ( Or pilot small ball valve) Because of wear and tear and untight seal, cannot normal voltage regulation.
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