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Improve the domestic machine tool industry press high precision technology advantage

by:Ragos     2021-04-21
More than one hundred kinds of independent innovation achievements display new features of industry upgrading. More than 70 machine tool manufacturers of more than one hundred kinds of independent innovation achievements, including a number of high-grade CNC press brake machine press and basic manufacturing equipment state major projects of science and technology achievements. These results broke through many bottlenecks restricting the development of machine tool manufacturing technology in our country for a long time, obtained many achievements of innovation, and covers the industry a variety of key host, high performance CNC system, key features and machine tool accessories matching field. Many upscale boutique reflects the application in the field of advanced manufacturing technology in the domestic press. Nearly 300 ( Set) Upscale boutique on display at the same time, the upscale boutique with the contemporary world development trend of advanced manufacturing technology of the basic technical features, is the modern world advanced manufacturing technology in our country, the real reflection of machine tool manufacturing application, showing China's machine tool industry is actively follow up and adopt the advanced manufacturing technology, efforts and in the contemporary world advanced manufacturing technology trend. Hand in photograph reflect with the machine, hundreds of manufacturers to provide the amount of tens of thousands of pieces of numerical control system, the feature, cutting and accessories items, and improve the product technology level. These basic form a complete set of products, display the coordinated development of a synchronous press brake machine tool industry is to improve the industrial structure. Our country has two years in a row of machine tool production first in the world, the development speed is much higher than Japan, Germany and other major producers of the machine. In the face of new market demand situation, enterprises should strive to enhance the market competitiveness of high-grade CNC machine tools, to improve high-grade CNC system and the feature matching ability, improve its comprehensive service ability for the high-grade market, to put to the test in the market. Machine products need to have high stability, reliability, performance and lower cost, can make a lasting market competitiveness.
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