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Get into the habit of and CNC punch press elbow

by:Ragos     2021-05-19
Big son good, today is the second day of the county modulus test of primary and middle school students. When it comes to students I think of the punch vocational education that something, that we can share together to share today. A few years ago, in an education, he and his classmates found in the extremely fine parts machining, often need to be in the first time processing is completed, parts for twice or even three times proofreading, talent guarantee error is less than 5 microns. “ 5 micron is a camp in the processing, equivalent to one over sixteen of a human hair, is the perfection of the current domestic numerical control punch press. ” He says, success or failure, often depends on the smallest gap. To this, he repeated the experiment with classmates, eventually found that larger error is derived from the first time before processing when to die. “ This small gap, general equipment by naked eye and is difficult to find. We wonder if it is possible after a similar & lsquo; Magnifying glass & rsquo; Equipment, fine adjustment before production and processing equipment, reduce errors as much as possible. ” So, he USES a common instrument equipment start study unceasingly, a system of using the instrument, detection of & other; to die instrument & throughout; Created, as if fitted eyes for CNC punch press. After the test, would reduce errors in the following 5 micron, and close to zero, and then from the secondary processing, improve the working efficiency. JingDiaoXiLou back, is he the obsession with mechanical and persistence. Processing of cent, he listened to the voice, and make records, containing a number of processing parameters in your mind: speed, depth of punch die wear & hellip; … Some products do good repeatedly is still not perfect, he walk are considering even eat, wondering where to begin. “ Some people ridicule me, said I see mechanical than anyone. ” He said, this is the CNC punch press elbow after.
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