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Explore punch worker recruitment to sea road focus area along the way

by:Ragos     2021-03-09
The personage inside course of study suggests, punch worker recruitment professional further & other; Go out & throughout; , expand the international market, also needs the government from policy, finance and other aspects to punch worker recruitment support. One is the local government to give importance to it. Help promote promote punch worker recruitment, like promoting the high-speed rail, power company open up overseas market. The second is to make the financial sector support press brake machine worker recruitment professional & other; Go out & throughout; 。 Further play to the role of the commercial bank, citic, etc, to strengthen the support of company financing, decline in financing capital, more flexible financing policy, financing risk, convenient company abroad and acceptance guarantees more efficiently to obtain funds, financing to buy domestic punch more convenient use. Three are in such aspects as taxes andprofits debt cost power professional dissolve excess capacity. For overseas transfer capacity to transport, customs, commodity inspection, such as tax policy support and financial support. Four is large state-owned enterprises, construction units and other company in overseas construction in our country, as far as possible use & other; Throughout our production &; industry recruitment, to our country's equipment abroad, further intensify support for the engineering machinery profession. In addition, the press brake machine press workers hiring authorities also for engineering machinery professional & other; Go out & throughout; Put forward some Suggestions, including: the & other; Go out & throughout; Excellent company give points support, More international talents training and professional international exhibition of subsidies to support; In the main points of export area led by country or society, punching machinery industrial park, professional export brand alliance, etc. ; Support and help to arrange to strengthen the export product specification and certification work, accelerate the certification of international collaboration, grab more international voice.
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