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Explanation of CNC bending machine generally consists of which a few parts

by:Ragos     2021-02-13
CNC bending machine machine consists of fuselage, twisted axis, the slider, stroke control, before the material, mould parts, hydraulic system, electrical system. 1, the fuselage by left and right columns, beams and support before and after welding the whole frame structure, has good stiffness, high stability precision. Around the upper stud welding into a fixed cylinder, so that with bracket at the bottom of the column bottom Angle, in order to increase the contact area, at the bottom of the prevent dumping CNC bending machine in the process of checking. The machine installation can be lifted. 2, slide block and slider travel adjustment made of whole steel plate cylinder placed on both ends of the slider, and through the piston rod and slider together, oil cylinder fixed on the fuselage, run by hydraulic driven piston rod drives the sliding block, the cylinder with mechanical stop, to control the position of the slider in the dead center, from stop to adjust motor, worm gear and worm can adjust the position of mechanical stop, and by travel counter displays the value. 3, synchronous mechanism the slider in the running synchronous, with torsion shaft synchronous mechanism, torsion shaft connecting rod connected with the slider. Simple structure, stable and reliable. 4, 5, after the carrier aircraft carrier before adjusting keep-off rod before and after the position after the workpiece positioning can be realized, the keep-off pole position by motor through a transmission system to carry on the initial setting, reoccupy hand wheel precision fine-tuning. Its position by the button trip counter displays inside the box, if the displayed value is not in conformity with the actual measured values, the left button box can be small pull out and gently turn the handle, the counter value is consistent with the actual size, then pull out the small handle into the in situ. Keep-off rack is equipped with vertical screw, turn the embossing nut, keep-off rod will move up and down, making the keep-off rod is flush with the top of the lower die. 6, die die on the upper is equipped with a template, adjust the position of the Angle iron, can make the upper die in the vertical direction a slight curve, to compensate for the machine loading in the workbench and the deflection of the slider, which will effectively improve the bending precision of the work. 7, hydraulic system, this system can realize four kinds of operation speed, the slider falling fast, slow down close to the work, slowly bend when rapid return to the original position. Electrical box 8, electrical system is equipped with all kinds of action buttons, and equipped with mechanical lock device, automatic cut off power supply when the door is open electrical, for electrical maintenance, can be manually reset, pull the pull rod. Open the door, when the power is still charged pay attention to the main circuit.
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