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Experience summed up the safety operation of press

by:Ragos     2021-04-06
The engineers of the nc machine tool based on practical experience summed up the safety operation of press. ( 1) When installing the mold must make the mould height and the height of press fit. Adjust the height of press, inching stroke should be adopted. Press the workbench does not allow in the lowest limit position, and shall be limited in the quantity of adjustment, mould fixed more secure. ( 2) Before work carefully check the compressed air pressure, when pressure is less than 3. 92266X105Pa( 4kg/cm2) Not allowed to start the machine. Check equipment control system, lubrication system is normal. Check the clutch, brake and protective device is safe in good condition. ( 3) To prevent press slider stuck, forbidden overloaded with homework. ( 4) Motor starts, to wait for the flywheel speed normal slider for forging can be manipulated, and work, the operator shall not be allowed to leave the job, also not allowed to clean up, adjustment, lubrication equipment. No it hands or tools to reach within one stroke. ( 5) Foot control board should install safety cover, lest others or other objects by pressure caused by slider falling suddenly, cause an accident. ( 6) Pressure captain time continuous work, should pay attention to check the motor, clutch, brake, sliding block and guide the place such as presence of the phenomenon such as overheat, smoke and sparks, and if so, should be appropriate cooling and then continue to work. ( 7) Work over, to make the slider to bottom dead center position, and cut off the power and close the compressed air, finishing work place, do a good job in succession.
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