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Cutting plate machine tool industry will face a new form

by:Ragos     2021-06-10
Under the influence of the international financial crisis, the world especially in China's market demand for hydraulic cutting plate machine tool product there is an obvious change in structure, manufacturing industry is facing a new round of high and new technology as the support of industrial structure adjustment, the machine tool industry usher in new opportunities. However, around the market, resources, talents, technology and standards in the field of competition will be more intense. From the domestic situation, various industries of national economy structure adjustment and industrial upgrading will promote manufacturing equipment update, this provides the hydraulic cutting plate machine tool industry continuous development opportunities and space; & other countries around the equipment manufacturing industry; Adjustment and revitalization & throughout; 、“ Independent innovation & throughout; Introduced a series of policies, which for the sustainable development of the machine tool industry provides a good policy environment; National development strategic emerging industries, and a series of policies for high-grade CNC press brake machine tool provides a new opportunity for development. Specifically, the industry will accelerate the cultivating core competence strategy, innovation strategy, two fusion strategy, carefully create four strategic brand strategy, enhance core competitiveness of the enterprises to participate in market competition, a breakthrough in key technologies and industrial upgrading, improve product's digital, intelligent, automation and network level, expand the market share of domestic machine tool products.
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