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Common failure types of CNC punch press machine

by:Ragos     2021-03-02
CNC punch press mechanical repair and conventional with the press brake machine: there are a lot in common, but as a result of the numerical control punch press process to choose a lot of electrical control, mechanical structures greatly simplified, so the incidence of mechanical problems. On common mechanical fault repair, each kind of punch press has related manual and mechanical repair manual, here first explain this problem with a common parts. 数控冲孔机机械维修和传统的穿孔有许多共同点,但由于数控冲孔机的制造过程选择很多电气控制、机械结构大大简化,所以机械故障的发生率减少。 对常见的机械故障维修,各种冲床相关手册和机械维修手册,这里第一个解释常见的组件故障。 1, feeding transmission chain. Due to widely use the rolling friction, so in the quality chain problem most in sports shows. Common such as positioning accuracy, reverse clearance is too large, mechanical creep, the increase of bearing noise ( Generally at present after the crash) 。 As a result, the repair of general movement pre-tightening force, and loose links related to compensation link. 2, the main shaft parts. CNC punch press generally use the adjustable speed motor. The spindle box structure is simpler. There usually takes part of the trouble in active part of the knife rod tension mechanism, active knife exchange equipment, active shift mechanism and the persistence of the spindle motion precision equipment, etc. 3, take the initiative to change knife device ( ATC) In trouble. Active tool change device has been widely on the CNC press brake machine press equipment, generally 50% of mechanical problems associated with it. The problem first is something knife library movement, positioning error is too big, manipulator clamping handle instability and manipulator motion error is too large, and so on. These problems are eventually lead to change knife stuck, make the machine stop working, etc. 4, press accessories of sexual problems. accessories including cutting fluid equipment, chip removal equipment, rail guard shield, spindle cooling constant temperature, coolant tank and hydraulic oil tank, etc. Regularly check whether they run. 按附件的牢度。 按配件包括切削液设备,芯片去除设备,指导,冷却剂,主轴冷却恒温箱和液压油箱。 总是检查他们正常工作。
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