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CNC turret punch thick turret and thin the advantages and disadvantages of comparison

by:Ragos     2021-03-04
Sales of CNC turret press brake machine on the market at present have two kinds of thin and thick. Exactly what kind of turret advantage more, some intention buyers do not understand. Do a simple comparison below. The thickness of the CNC turret punch ( Mm) 材料的选择 性能影响 备注 模具对中性 导向精度 抗偏载能力 / 厚转塔 80 / 选择高速冲孔时模具和塔孔壁的摩擦面发热低、不发黑、粘度低的材料为好 好 好 好 薄转塔 48- 50 save material, reduce equipment cost is bad bad bad
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