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CNC punching processing goal is to realize the high speed machining

by:Ragos     2021-03-05
Hello, everybody. Today is on May 30, 2019, has gived the years 【 The pig 】 On Ding Mao JiSi, is China & other; The may & throughout; Sports day. Today we talk about the topic is about numerical control punch press the point. CNC punch press machining principle is to achieve high speed, high precision and high efficiency machining. How to ensure that the press brake machine under the premise of the smooth movement, to complete the transition time to be shortest as principle the optimal control law of acceleration and deceleration make hydraulic presses have deceleration characteristics that could satisfy the requirement of high speed machining, is the key problem of the research of deceleration. Deceleration control scheme usually is controlled by the former deceleration and the deceleration control two: before deceleration control after interpolation, interpolation pretreatment before general, deceleration control object is instruction feed speed; Deceleration control usually in after interpolation device, servo control before and after manipulation of the each motion axis feed speed, etc. Deceleration after manipulation of the deceleration point without accounting, the algorithm is relatively simple, but if every movement axis servo gain is different, easy to cause bigger orbit error, affect the motion accuracy. Therefore, at present the first before using deceleration control technology. Deceleration control method can be summarized as the traditional method of deceleration and flexible deceleration method: the traditional method has a trapezoidal acceleration and deceleration deceleration method and index method of deceleration; Flexible deceleration method with trigonometric function method, the S curve acceleration and deceleration deceleration method and polynomial deceleration method, etc. Traditional trapezoid and index of deceleration impact due to acceleration mutation that movement stability, flexible deceleration due to the acceleration in succession, cherished in the high speed punch processing.
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