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CNC punching machine production technology

by:Ragos     2021-03-01
CNC press brake machine press products we need has always been competitive products, technology, domestic CNC punch press technology now has a great progress, but compared to foreign numerical control equipment technology, there is still a gap in each aspect, so the domestic numerical control equipment technology breakthrough we what to do? We can find that we are now in production of CNC punch press technology has a very big development space, the levels of nc machine tools, the varieties and production capacity, directly reflects a country's industrial comprehensive strength, and the birth of the nc machine tools in China than in the United States, Germany, slightly lagging, nearly half the world development experience, nc machine tools in China lags behind Germany, us, Japan and other countries, domestic CNC machine basically is given priority to with low budget and mid-range popular type segment in the machine tool, CNC machine tool market share of 70% ~ 80%, the numerical control system ( Affordable, senior) 90% of the foreign occupation. The above data is not that we simply does not have the competition in the numerical control equipment competition strength, relative in the mass production of small and medium-sized manufacturers of domestic CNC punch press equipment with the market advantage, marketing research can be found by us, in the numerical control punch press and mid-range strains, CNC press brake machine press equipment in our country already has a certain strength, only in high-end equipment manufacturers are still short board, and so on the choice of high-grade CNC press brake machine press we will prefer foreign products many times. In 2014, the state will continue to steady growth, structural adjustment, in this environment, numerical control machine tool industry must adjust industrial structure, existing in the existing power is based on the results of high-end in the end, on the one hand, need to face foreign product and joint venture product extrusion domestic mid-range market competition pressure, on the other hand, step up research and development, in the high-end market, get rid of the serious situation of disciplined by others. In 2014, the Chinese nc machine tools in 2013 on the basis of steady development, CNC machine tool production is expected to a slight increase in import demand is still very big, but demand more biased towards the high-end products, at the same time, in the end product after the implementation of the local market service abroad will also increase.
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