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CNC punching machine operation procedures and software operation steps

by:Ragos     2021-02-27
The rules of operating the CNC punch press have? What is the procedure of software in CNC press brake machine? It's all about the problem of CNC punch press, now answer is as follows. 1. The rules of operating the CNC punch press have? Specific have: (CNC press brake machine operating procedures 1) Must receive pre-job number processing professional training and understanding of number processing principle and the system of basic skills, and able to be familiar with the procedure files and simple sketch drawing process, two or more persons may mount guard, only under the condition of the machine is in good condition to operate the machine. ( 2) Check on equipment, gas, production of class handover, doubt can't solve, to solve immediately, no bad record, inspection procedures, can start production. ( 3) Boot preparation, open the power supply and air compressor, check all kinds of tool post mould and gas, pressure gauge valve and pipe, shall not leak and table instability phenomenon, check the lubrication system and exhaust system is normal and gas through, and have good air circulation, 15 minutes after start up. ( 4) Material, requiring special and have to should take put down gently, in feeding and reposition the workpiece, the operator must use the safety clamp. ( 5) Operating personnel must, in accordance with the drawings technical requirements for processing, first article inspection rear can batch production, the material in the area neat, confirm and sign the process card number, into the next process. ( 6) Shift production, to prepare for the next one, preview program is normal, materials and tools mould preparation, unfinished products, on duty to transition to the next one, and fill in the hand-over records. ( 7) After the completion of the succession, confirm the shift production quantity, fill in the production daily report, the main operation signatures, into the next process. Succession, arrive handover 15 minutes in advance. ( 8) Operators should always ensure that the machine is running, no personnel in the machine tool within the hazardous locations, each shift production need to confirm the performance of the grating. ( 9) In the debug, maintenance of machine tools, to shut machine tool main power supply. ( 10) A week to do a thorough cleaning, lubrication and maintenance, in case of holiday or no succession, after shutdown, to clean up the site and the mold, do no oil dirties, no corrosion, finally close the air compressor and the power and make records, before leaving. 2. What is the procedure of software in CNC punching machine? CNC punch press, the operation of the software of operation is an important part of CNC punch press, only this part ready, can smoothly enter the following program. Software in CNC press brake machine press operation steps: step 1: open the software, click on the button, the required texts written. Step 2: adjust the text size, set within the contour, locked inside and outside the contour. Step three: give the contour filling in the required light patterns and adjust the position until it is right. Step 4: set up the layout, size sheet for actual size, text reasonable layout in the layout, graphic size must be centered. Step 5: click on the numerical control under the new plate, sheet plate width to the actual size, half of the length of plate. Step 6: future generations to processing graphics, click the top left corner Ⅴ checkmark, select parts outline, and then click the check the number to the right of the layer, set to the current layer. Step 7: click on the numerical control under the new plate, directly determine. Layout of red on auxiliary wire frame. Step 8: put the red box doesn't need machining contour to delete, and then click on the graphic center under the CNC punching, click ok. Mouse into small four squares, and then select the red wire frame within the required processing graphics, there's no single click away. Click the right mouse button, the path for the light blue thread. Step 9: click on the numerical control under the preview, see red outside layout whether have redundant processing path, if any, are removed and then click on the numerical control of shorter paths are arranged from left to right. Step 10: click on the nc code generation, to file processing. Step 11: mobile X axis CNC press brake machine, go to the right, to guide the X axis negative limit position, and then switch to the low speed, walking in the opposite direction, until no X axis negative limit, click on the reset on the handle. Step 12: on board, plank top right corner on the center hole of 1/4, reset, plank on spray cooling fluid, and lubrication punching equipment. Step 13: the movement of a point in the handle of the gear set to point, and then boot, try to rush after one or two points to normal, rushed into the blunt, begin to work.
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