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CNC punching machine in our country industry development trend and prospects

by:Ragos     2021-03-11
China's high-end CNC machine tool market demand increase, nc machine tools of the new mount. CNC press brake machine with CNC control system, can according to the need of the processing method for random set the movement mode and speed of the slider. According to the market changes, the future development direction of home-made numerical control machine is expected to have the following six models. Screw type CNC press brake machine press, crankshaft, servo press machine, double acting forming punching, sheet block forging press, forging press, the gear forming with a press brake machine press. Machine tool industry outlook is expected, in the national macroeconomic regulation and control, under the overall planning of city of China machine tool market in 2014 will grow by 14. By 2% to 389 billion yuan. The strong growth momentum will consolidate China as the world's largest consumer of machine tool and the status of the producer. In addition, in 2012 China's machine tool industry general trade year-on-year growth of 62 last year. 92%. This year China's machine tool products, metal processing machine tools, CNC metal processing machine tool's cumulative imports and monthly record imports of all. Among them, the whole industry products accumulated break through $15 billion of value, the machine more than $9 billion, nc machine tools is close to $8 billion. Numerical control machine tool import amount high, which indicates that China is still very strong demand for nc machine tools, especially high-end CNC machine tools, still need a lot of imports. So to speed up the industrialization of high-end CNC machine tools, is to meet aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment as well as the necessary premise of the demand for new strategic industries. Since 2009, our country has begun to implement high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment national science and technology major projects, plans by 2020 aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment needed to 70% ~ 80% based on the domestic. The part of the project has made staggered results. Cultivating and developing science and technology major projects as well as the national strategic emerging industries, such as the implementation of a series of policies and regulations, provides new opportunities for high-grade CNC machine tool development.
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