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CNC punching machine fault classification standards and content have?

by:Ragos     2021-03-02
CNC press brake machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, is also a kind of precision metal processing equipment. Might happen in the process of its use, all kinds of faults, such as the failure of mechanical, electrical fault or operation. Causes of these failures is varied, so must be in the process of CNC punch press run the possibility of various fault, we can go to solve the problem of fault, in fact the classification of CNC press brake machine press also can classify, today are explained simply. 1. According to the fault content classification according to fault content classification can be divided into mechanical failure and electric fault. Mechanical failure often occurs in the moving parts, such as screw, guide rail, bearing, spindle shift mechanism, main shaft lubrication, guide rail lubrication, hydraulic, etc. Usually, mechanical failure is through the electrical components. For example, servo motor overload due to guide rail lubrication failure alarm, or servo motor temperature is too high; Again for instance, servo motor and ball screw loose coupling between the servo motor and ball screw sliding, makes parts scrap, or cutting tool damage. Electrical failure including all parts of machine tools and electrical cabinets, possible failure of a relay, contactor, servo drive device, spindle drive. 2. According to the phenomenon of fault classification according to the phenomenon of fault classification can be divided into failure of repeatability and randomness. Repeatability fault characteristic is can appear in certain conditions. Can repeat - due to this problem So the diagnosis also is relatively easy. Unrepeatable failure tend to be random, may be a few minutes or several hours or days, or longer appear once, so to rule out the difficulty of this kind of failure is quite big, such failures are usually associated with the electromagnetic compatibility of CNC press brake machine press. 3. According to the nature of the fault classification according to the nature of the fault classification can be divided into recoverability failure and non-recoverable failure. Recoverability of failure are often ignore the system can continue to run. Non-recoverable failure often require replacement parts or resetting the parameters of the numerical control system. 4. According to the characteristics of the fault classification according to the characteristics of the fault classification can be divided into no warning of the failure and failure alarm. For no fault alarm, users of machine tool is difficult to rule out, such as the error of the reference point. Alarm failure can be divided into hardware failure, the failure of programming, operating. 5. According to alarm, classified according to alarm, classification, and the numerical control system of the alarm can be divided into two categories, system alarm and alarm. Alarm system is the index of control system according to its diagnostic ability for hardware, function, parameter, user parts program fault and error message. User alarm refers to the design department, machine tool manufacturers to use the numerical control system to provide the tools according to the diagnostic function of CNC turret press brake machine press design, electrical fault related machine tools, such as motion error message. Usually, the numerical control system can provide abundant diagnostic information, including hardware, numerical control channel, or spindle feed axis, standard cycle, the diagnostic information of user parts program, etc.
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