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CNC punching machine can used laser interferometer

by:Ragos     2021-03-04
Many people may feel, laser interferometer used in punch, this is overqualified. Actually punch small make up think it is a one-sided, laser interferometer has high measurement precision, fast measurement, large measuring range, high resolution, etc. And laser interferometer is now recognized as high precision, high sensitivity of detection means, through the optical component with different combination, can implement linear perspective, flatness, straightness and ( Parallelism) , verticality, precision measurement, the parameters of rotor speed, acceleration and frequency of equipment and can - Amplitude, time - Displacement of the dynamic performance analysis, etc. In conjunction with the relevant detection software, can automatically generate nc punch error compensation scheme, provide the basis for punching equipment error correction. Advanced CNC punch press on machining accuracy have higher request, biaxial positioning accuracy detection and automatic compensation of dual laser interferometer system synchronous measurement of large CNC press brake machine press, by double servo drive one axial movement of the positioning accuracy, but also through the interface, the automatic compensate for two axis error respectively. At the same time, according to press small make up to know, laser interferometer using imported high stability he-ne laser, laser double longitudinal mode thermal frequency stabilization technology, rapid, high precision, 0. 05ppm) , strong anti-interference ability, good long-term stability of laser output; Environmental compensation module with high precision, high precision laser interference signal processing systems, high-performance computer control technology, combined with the linear lens can realize zero. 5 PPM precision linear measurement; Combined with the corresponding lens also can realize Angle, straightness, Parallelism) , flatness, perpendicularity, measurement, the parameters of rotating shaft and dynamic analysis. So, CNC press brake machine press is on the application of laser interferometer is not a surprise, for the sake of accuracy, CNC punch press or require the intervention of the laser interferometer, provide higher machining precision, since let CNC punch press.
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