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CNC punch to accelerate the upgrading of high-end products

by:Ragos     2021-03-05
As 'equipment of the equipment,' the 'brain' of the punching machine tool industry has now officially insert dimension era. Recently, the national press CNC system scale skills commission ( Hereinafter referred to as 'CNC system standard council' SAC/TC367) Was founded in Beijing. Our country backbone long Wang Liming punching machine tool industry association vice President, said the establishment of the standard council of CNC system is the numerical control aspects of an event, symbol punching machine tool industry in perfect scale across the country and taken a solid step in the process. Today is carrying out 'the high quality CNC punch press and basic manufacturing equipment' weight is one of the specialized subject item to solve common skills development, high quality CNC press brake machine and punching machine nc system is CNC press brake machine press promotion skills are one of the important things. So, set up a numerical control system of standard committee also forced to the situation, the scale of the advanced numerical control system the perfection of the skills of the CNC system has a crucial effect. Under the national policy support to assist developing rapidly in recent years of collecting CNC punch press. 'In 2007, the yield of CNC punch press up to 12. 30000, three years early overfulfilled '11th five-year plan' to build capacity of 100000 sets of goals, CNC press brake machine press year yield has been first in the world. Industry rules touch unceasingly growing, significantly higher domestic high-grade CNC punch press, domestic high gear CNC system for major beyond, these are fully shows that the numerical control punch press group level heavily promoted. 'Said press brake machine tool industry association in China for related people. In the number of continued growth at the same time, I also in the quality of the numerical control punch press away all the process was accelerated. As the map layout stage, the largest CNC punch press in the annual national CNC punch press, innovation has become the national CNC punching machine layout itself a key window of the fruits of their labors. In this year to the fifth CNC punch press, vary on behalf of the goods in today's numerical control punch spire skills first, from the perspective of a reflect the improvement of the national CNC punch press equipment quality. Five-axis linkage CNC punch press is high level goods on behalf of today's CNC punching machine, and now the country has been very successful invasion of this skill to the commanding heights. The fifth CNC punch press, the subordinate function of high precision, high speed, high high quality CNC punch press beyond one hundred, total five-axis linkage CNC punch press accounted for 33 units, compound polishing core 14 units. At the same time, as the domestic numerical control system of CNC punch core skills as well as to obtain great transcendence. Is an important function device CNC punch press, CNC system is toward intelligent, open, veins direction development, to realize multi-axis, composite pipe, high speed and high precision cutting, polishing. Across the country have been born in guangzhou CNC facilities off sales more than ten thousand Taiwan manufacturers such as limited companies. The fifth CNC punch press, reference to domestic CNC system CNC punch press beyond one hundred, among them with five-axis linkage nc system reached more than 10 units. 'A batch of high precision, high speed, high efficiency, a batch of multi-axis, composite, intelligent, a batch of large number, large tonnage, large proportion of domestic CNC press brake machine press new goods accumulation, explain the major beyond important skills to get high quality CNC punch press, with the gap further shortening of similar goods all over the world, domestic CNC punch press is bound to better provide strong parry for national revival of the equipment manufacturing industry. 'Said press brake machine tool industry association in China for related people.
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