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CNC punch press the unlimited potential of laser welding technology development

by:Ragos     2021-03-01
Today is Wednesday, May 21, 2019, commonly known as the weekend. Pengzu best avoid has two broken vouchers and wu, not taking poison into the intestine. Today we are going to share the content of the is unlimited potential in the development of CNC press brake machine press laser welding technology. Now international industrial category towards low energy consumption, short process, CNC punch press laser welding technique has many traditional welding method cannot be compared strengths, international countries have stepped up to carry out manufacturing of degree in the face. laser welding machine used in industrial production and has its unique characteristics, processing and use of the characteristic industrial category and the characteristics of laser manufacture system. Compared with abroad, but our country hydraulic press brake machine laser skills to use promotion is still not much, not cast out the proper effect. Investigate its reason, the first is to press the laser manufacture system of high capital, high investment; To more widely popularize the use of laser welding skills, make up for the high investment subject, need to fully understand the impact on laser making skills using the link element, on the basis of inductive consider ship their own needs, input elements such as laser processing system, capital control, looking for the best machining premise, forward power method, the ultimate form the industrial chain of a new generation of laser in China. Aluminum alloy materials now become the link information, transport machinery manufacture and ship all aluminum structure shows outstanding vision, improve predecessors punch laser production skills of cooperation, shows the boundless potential.
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