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CNC bending machine used in the consumption process need to pay attention to the point

by:Ragos     2021-02-22
CNC bending machine using in the consumption process is usually the main points of the metal processing industry, should pay attention to agree to spend too much money in the wrong blade. Although know this problem, but what is the solution? Most of the hardware companies are just trying to purchase cheaper blade. That there are some help, but it is not the solution to this problem. So why not choose a more structured approach? Some buyer in the process of negotiating lower prices usually spend a considerable amount of time. Blade but this influence on the production cost can be ignored, not to mention the productivity. Pragmatic research considerations should be following these easy measurement factors: cutting edge blade wear, damage or unused each have how many quantity? Relative to the cutting edge length, the percentage of the cutting edge blade use occupy much? The blade has how much is the average number of cutting edges? Use many different forms of the blade? All of the factory have a waste collection point of the blade. Blade does not exist than the scrap blade more interested in things, it led to a blade is how to use ( Abuse) The formation of pragmatism, and this method can be used to implement cost reduction.
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