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Choosing a punch to consider the basic technical parameters

by:Ragos     2021-01-14
Is important to punch stamping equipment, has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, choose a suitable press brake machine is crucial for the users. Take everyone to take a look at below choosing punch to consider what are the basic technical parameters. 1, punch nominal pressure must be greater than stamping process. But long trip to work process, is not only just meet technological force size, must consider to satisfy their work load curve at the same time. 2, press trip times should accord with the requirement of productivity. 3, punch stroke should satisfy parts can get required size in height, and after completion of the stamping process can be smoothly from the mold. To stretch, the schedule shall in parts height more than two times. 4, press the closing of the height, the size of the work mesa, slide block size, die hole size handle wants to be able to satisfy the requirement of the mould correct installation, for crank press, the mould height should be one of the biggest in the press between height and minimum loading die height. Table size mold base 50 - in general should be greater than the mould 70mm( Unilateral) , in order to install, plate aperture should be greater than or waste projection size parts, so that the leakage of material mold handle size should be consistent with mold handle hole size.
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