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Affect the machining accuracy of punching machine, the main reason is what

by:Ragos     2021-03-22
When using punch for processing parts, or to the requirement of machining accuracy is higher, but in the actual production will affect the precision of machining, for some reason, then, what will affect the machining accuracy of press brake machine? 100 tons punch press machining deformation is the main reason for the nc machining precision, so what should I do? ( 1) Lower punch fever. internal heat is the main heat source, thermal deformation should as far as possible to the heat source is separated from the host. ( 2) Temperature control punch. After adopted a series of measures to reduce punch heat source, thermal deformation of the situation will improve. But to completely eliminate press brake machine internal and external heat source is often very difficult, even impossible. So must be good to control the temperature of cooling and cooling, to reduce the influence of heat source. More effective way of which is in the punch press hot parts of the forced cooling, can also press low temperature part, through the method of heating, make punch each point temperature uniformity, so that you can reduce the punch buckling deformation caused by temperature difference.
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