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A good set-up CNC punch press rotating station and the methods to mold

by:Ragos     2021-06-01
Today is a new week began, is introduced for a good set-up CNC press brake machine press rotating location and die methods: press mold dislocation after calibration ( 1) Machine X, Y, T, C axis back first reference point. ( 2) Rotate the rotary die of dislocation to the azimuth of the mould. ( 3) Loosen the revolving seat with a ring of the synchronous gear on the socket head cap screw, ensure the mandrel into after the synchronous gear should not rolling shaft can roll. ( 4) The mandrel into upper and lower rotary die within a rotating mandrel ensure can roll freely again. ( 5) T axis rotation will be adjusted the rotation of the mold to the impact head, and ensure the wheel positioning pin pricks into taper sleeve, C pin can also into bearing groove. ( Note: avoid the gear on the shaft of the rotating T socket head cap screw and T axis drive pinion collided) ( 6) Article will feet into the groove of rods, dial indicator on the clamp absorption, table top on the feet, move the Y axis, article made ruler over the azimuth error value in 0. 015 the following. ( 7) Set upper and lower die rotating synchronous wheel on the socket head cap screw. ( 8) Mobile Y see again dial indicator values on the feet have change, confirm in 0. 015 the following. ( 9) Take out a ruler, T axis rotation out mandrel. 2. die rotating synchronous cog belt tension bridle punch die rotating drive into the secondary transmission, the top level for the servo motor drive reducer; The second level by the reducer to the mold base. Top level up tight directly through when tight adjustment, when tight process, to ensure that the same mold, synchronous cog belt under stress, elastic moderate, otherwise it will affect the machining accuracy.
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