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A common fault causes and elimination method of ordinary press

by:Ragos     2021-02-08
Stamping ordinary punch is a type of ordinary press. Mainly for the plate. Through the mould, make the blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, trimming, fine blanking, plastic, riveting and extrusion, etc. , are widely used in various fields. design principle is converts circular motion to linear motion, the output by the main motor, drive the flywheel, clutch driven gear, crankshaft, Or eccentric gear) , connecting rod, such as operation, to achieve the linear motion of the slider, from the main motor to the rod movement in circular motion. 1, general press brake machine of crankshaft bearing heating sleeve scrape bad, bad smooth from beginning to blow grind copper tile, checking their smooth. 2, with copper scrap from the flow of oil in the bearing the lack of a smooth oil, smooth, smooth oil is not clean view apart washed 3, guide burning guide bearing gap is too small, smooth, poor contact crapping to guide from the start, adjust the gap, pay attention to smooth 4, when the clutch is not combined with operation or combination can't open after inversion of health with the spring lose elasticity key cooperation too close to replace the combination of spring, crapping key gap 5, clutch release slider cannot stop at top dead center position brake belt tension is not enough, brake with excessive wear, there is oil on brake wheel slip, replace, adjust the brake spring tension brake, washed with heat the brake belt and pulley week 6, return plate material don't meet homework play material bearing is adjusted to meet bearing hand scroll wheel try out 7 locking device, connecting rod screws attack roll or shock loose rotation locking device 8, connecting rod screws ball head within the slider ball hit ball head gland poor contact with the ball mat, gland screw loose blow grind ball head, ball pad, tighten gland screw 9, press button ( Open) Hydraulic press brake machine is not operating power supply circuit, thermal power breaker, view general press brake machine circuit system to eliminate trouble connecting rod between slide block and needs to have a circular motion and linear motion in terms of its design on roughly two kinds of institutions, a ball, a type of pin ( Cylindrical) , through the organization transform circular motion into the linear motion of the slider. on the material pressure, make its plastic deformation, and get the required shape and precision, so you must cooperate with a set of mould ( Upper die and lower die) , the material placed in the meantime, by the pressure on the machine, make its deformation, when processing applied to materials caused by the force of reaction, by the punch machine absorbed by the body.
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