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You may not have known about the CNC punch press machining way

by:Ragos     2021-05-24
CNC press brake machine is a kind of widely used machine tools, which has two kinds of single punch and turret. CNC turret press brake machine press, NCT) Set machine, electricity, liquid, gas in integration, is conducted on plate punching processing, shallow deep drawing forming pressure processing equipment. 1, single shot: a single complete punching, including circular distribution, the distribution of the circular hole distribution, linear distribution, and the grid. More than 2, the direction of the continuous cutting: use small mold machining way of big hole. 3, a single shape: according to the mold shape a shallow deep drawing forming processing way. 4, same direction of continuous cutting: use the rectangle mold overlap processing way, can carry on the processing cutting, long holes, etc. 5, eating into: use small circular die with small interval for continuous salt array system arc processing way. 6, array shape: on the big board processing many different or the same workpiece processing way. 7, continuous forming: molding processing way bigger than a mold size, such as rolling steps, rolled steel, such as large size shutter processing way. Sheet metal stamping processing of CNC punch press is an important part in sheet metal processing, CNC press brake machine press can substitute for the past three punch processing capacity. The productivity can be increased greatly.
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